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Professional Psychotherapy & Counseling

            Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult and painful circumstances, or recognize that we continue to repeat self-defeating patterns that no amount of positive talk or well-intended interventions seems to change. Or perhaps we find ourselves stuck in conflicted relationships in which the argument never finds true and lasting resolution. In such situations, it may be prudent to examine family patterns or go deeper into fundamental beliefs formed early in life. There also may be unresolved traumas from early life that require expression, processing, and letting go. 

Psychotherapy or Counseling could be indicated if you:

  • Have difficulty facing a new day, little interest in life, and experience a depressed mood 

  • Are tense, anxious, have runaway thinking, negative thought loops, or panic reactions

  • Have angry outbursts, followed by shameful feelings and remorse

       Re-experience traumatic events of the past

  • Have difficulty coping with life due to loss of a loved one, betrayal, divorce, or any other external circumstance or life transition

  • Have unresolved family of origin issues that impact life in the present

  • Have extreme mood changes that interrupt normal functioning

       Experience extreme low self-esteem that is not lifted by life success         and good relationships

  • Have a life-challenging or chronic illness

  • Are in toxic relationships you cannot leave or resolve

  • Have unresolved issues from the past

  • Are experiencing Internal, marital or family conflict

  • Have persistent anxiety, unhappiness, or depression

       Experiencing a spiritual crisis

Concrete Wall

As a Psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor,

 Tressa creates a safe, nurturing environment in which resources are explored. A dialogue is begun and a strong bond is created designed to help you heal the broken connections of the past, enabling greater self-esteem and deep inner strength.

At my Exeter location I provide individual, family and group psychotherapy to adults for the issues mentioned above as well as many more.

My approach to psychotherapy is an integrative, including cognitive behavioral, family systems, and Christian counseling principles. As you discover how the past influences your present, you can put the past behind you and begin planning for the future.

" The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18 

Please review the FAQ's below and print the new client forms at the end, complete, and bring to your first session. If you cannot access a computer you can fill them out at the office. 


Do I have to be a Christian to come to get help?

No. I am here to serve the community with my training, tools and skills. I will respect your strongly held values and beliefs.

Can I use my insurance?

I do accept most insurances insurance. However, I recommend that you contact your insurance company to confirm that I am indeed a provider as there numerous subsets of benefits. 

If I use my insurance is it still confidential?

When you use insurance for reimbursement, the insurance company has the right to request information regarding treatment, such as dates of service, diagnosis, and progress notes.

Can you prescribe medication?

No. Only a Psychiatrist, M.D. can prescribe medication. 

How is a Christian therapist different?

The Christian therapist not only will respect your strongly held beliefs and moral values, but will understand the commitment and struggle in holding the biblical principles for life. If the bible is your framework for your belief system, it is beneficial to have a therapist who can dialogue with you about your belief system. The Christian therapist will pray for you in session at your request. 

How long is a session generally?

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes
  • Group therapy is 75 minutes  

How often will I need to come for sessions?

Therapy sessions are usually weekly to start with and last for 45-50 minutes. You will obtain the most benefit from your treatment if you are consistent and on time to your regular weekly appointment. When you and your therapist set your weekly appointment, this time is reserved for you. You will be expected to keep that appointment time unless you have a serious emergency. There is a strict 24hour cancellation policy or you will be fully charged for the appointment.

How long will I be in therapy?

The length of treatment is determined by a few factors such as severity of symptoms, longevity of issues, and the client’s willingness to change. This joint decision is determined by you and the therapist. However, you may terminate therapy at any time with the agreement to have a final session for closure of treatment. 

How do I get started?

- Call me to to schedule your first appointment. 603-964-1700

- Call your insurance to find out if you have coverage.

- After making your first appointment, go to "client forms,"and download the consent form for the type of treatment you will be seeking, fill it out and bring it to your first appointment.

Since I have never been to therapy what can I expect?

Therapists are usually in appointments and do not answer the phone. Leave a voicemail on the office number. You can expect a call back within 24 hours. Then you can schedule the initial appointment with a time that works for you and the therapist. Before the first session, you can download the intake form and fill it out. At the first session you will have the opportunity to share what has brought you to therapy. The therapist will ask you questions. This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you have regarding the therapy.





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